Our Coffee

We take the same approach to serving the finest coffee as we do to our lovingly created bread, cakes and viennoiserie.

This journey starts with the producers and the ethical sourcing of green coffee beans, through to expert roasting of our carefully developed flavour profile and onto our highly skilled and passionate baristas to do their magic.

We serve The Flour Pot’s signature blend of specialty coffee because we wanted to be sure that, bean to cup, our coffee meets the highest ethical and quality standards possible. We want all our customers to experience exceptional coffee whether you enjoy the purity of a long black or the sensory experience of a cappuccino. Coffee at The Flour Pot is always perfectly alchemised by expertly trained baristas who will carefully prepare every cup.

The Milk Shed Coffee

House Blend

Shed Brew is a signature espresso roast that we serve in all our stores at The Flour Pot and it's available to enjoy at home. Flavours of roasted almond, chocolate and brown sugar. It combines seasonally sourced coffees from direct trade relationships with coffee producers around the world. The Milk Shed only roast in small batches to create a balanced, complex coffee with a clean finish.

Our baristas

Flour Pot Bakery baristas are part of a super talented and skillful front of house team committed to providing customers with friendly efficient service and delicious coffee-based drinks. We invest in the best coffee machines available and provide extensive training to ensure that they have the premium tools required to make a premium product for our customers.