Sourdough Bread Making Kit


Kickstart your sourdough journey with our new Sourdough Bread Making Kit. Complete with everything you need to bake a naturally leavened loaf. It’s the ideal Christmas or birthday gift for any aspiring baker and comes packaged in a white box ready for gifting.

In the box, we’ve included:

+ Our prized Flour Pot rye sourdough starter, it’s the most important ingredient and same that we use for our all sourdough.

+ Proving basket (banneton) made from sustainable birchwood cane. They are used for the fermentation of the dough and forming bread loaves and are the same as those we use in our bakery.

+ A bag of Carr’s Strong White Bread Flour which is great for baking your first sourdough loaf as well as for feeding your starter.

+ Plastic dough scraper as things can get rather sticky.

+ Scoring knife (lame), a sharp blade for scoring the top of your loaf.

+ Rice flour to stop the dough from sticking to the proving basket.

+ Recipe card that includes a detailed step-by-step list of instructions for baking your first loaf.

+ We’ve also included one of our Flour Pot sourdough loaves for inspiration.

+ Optional extra – for those who want to read more about the science of bread making why not also purchase a copy of ‘Tartine Bread‘ or ‘Do Sourdough: Slow Bread for Busy Lives‘.

Please note: if the kit is a gift the starter needs to be refrigerated on the day it arrives and fed within 7 days. To arrange your preferred delivery date please select in the checkout.

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